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QA Appliance Repair Oshawa

We service all major brands and different appliance types

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QA Appliance Repair Oshawa

We service all major brands and different appliance types

QA Appliance Repair Oshawa

Our team is full of Certified Professional Technicians

QA Appliance Repair Oshawa provides repair and maintenance services for all your commercial and residential appliances in Oshawa. We repair all kind of appliances such as cooking appliances, laundry appliances and refrigeration appliances of all brands or models. We are available in Oshawa 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our technicians are highly certified and well trained to repair your home and commercial appliances. We also provide urgent/emergency appliances repair services in Oshawa without any extra charges.

If any of your appliances are not working or damaged you can call QA Appliance Repair Oshawa anytime to get it repaired immediately. We are known in Oshawa for our prompt, reliable and cost affordable services of your appliances.

QA Appliance Repair Services in Oshawa

We provide high quality appliance repair service


If your dishwasher is not holding water and dishes aren’t being cleaned, contact us to ease the frustration. Our service technicians can let you know why the dishwasher is giving you an error. They also carry a number of parts with them to get the job done.


If your clothes are still wet in the dryer, our service technicians can take a look at it. The dryer could have a bad part if it takes too long to dry or Small clothes can obstruct the hose and become a problem. Contact us and make an appointment with QA Appliance Repair Oshawa today.


Our technicians can diagnose your washer if it does not spin as well as it drains. If your washer is making unusual sounds you may require emergency repairs. A service technician can instruct you how to prevent future breakages. They can also tell you if it is worth the cost of the repair.


QA Appliance Repair Oshawa can repair your residential and commercial microwave in Oshawa at any time. When your microwave does not work properly or needs repair, call us immediately to repair your microwave quickly.


We provide repair services for commercial and residential ovens in Oshawa. If your oven does not heat or works properly contact QA Appliance Repair Oshawa anytime to repair it immediately. We provide quick, reliable and emergency repair services to you.


If the freezer is cold but the fridge is warm, your fridge should be repaired as soon as possible. You should have it checked by a professional immediately. If you need emergency service, get in touch with QA Appliance Repair Oshawa right away.

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QA Appliance Repair Services in Oshawa

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